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5 Dental Care Tips for Kids

I learned the hard way that you can’t brush off good dental care. Protect your kid’s smile with these simple rules. My new dentist recently told me — as she stuck a horrible metal claw deep into my gums — that if I didn’t start taking better care of my teeth, I was going to

5 summer tips for healthy teeth

This summer, stay hydrated and healthy. But think carefully when you choose your beverage – some drinks can increase your risk of tooth decay.   Choose tapFluoridated tap water strengthens your enamel, making your teeth more resistant to decay. Skip the bubblesThe acid in carbonated drinks can wear down your enamel. Use a strawIf you

The Truth About Sugary Drinks and Your Smile

Sweetened beverages have become a treat that many Americans have every day. The truth is that these drinks are not healthy, especially for our dental health and smiles. Everyone has harmful bacteria in their mouths that eat the sugars we consume. The bacteria get energy from the sugar, but in the process produce acid. The

Scientists Say: Bruxism

Gritting your teeth is an unconscious response to being angry or stressed. If you do it a lot, you might have bruxism.   Bruxism (noun, “BRUHKS-ism”) This is a condition in which someone unconsciously and excessively grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw. It’s often a response to stress. Between 22 and 31 percent of people

Your Next Teeth Cleaning Could Protect You From Pneumonia

Aside from protecting your pearly whites, here’s more motivation to squeeze in that twice-a-year teeth cleaning: It could keep you from getting sick. A new study suggests that regular dental visits may protect against pneumonia by reducing levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth (ick). The study’s findings—based on the health records of more than 26,000 people nationwide—suggest that people who

A Healthy Mouth Leads to a Healthy Heart

The knee bone may be connected to the hip bone, but did you know that the teeth are closely connected to the health of the heart?  Several studies have shown that diseases of the gums are associated with heart disease. While a cause-and-effect relationship has not yet been proven, research has indicated that periodontal disease

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

  The last teeth to develop can cause havoc for the rest of your healthy mouth. Yet there’s growing controversy about whether we really need to have them taken out. Just as you enter adulthood, your wisdom teeth make their presence known in the far reaches of your mouth. Wisdom teeth — officially the third molars

Do I Need a Root Canal?

If you have been experiencing problems with a tooth, you may wonder, “Do I need a root canal?” Root canals, also known as endodontic therapy, are performed when the nerve or pulp of the tooth becomes infected and inflammed due to dental decay, a cracked or broken tooth or an injury to the tooth, according

Gear up for school with trip to the dentist

By Scott Kirk, Special to the Reporter-News Healthy teeth can mean more than a great smile, they also can mean good grades, according to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. More than 51 million school hours are lost each year because of dental disease, according to NCOHF. Because many pediatric oral health issues occur in

Old Teeth Tell New Stories About People Who Didn’t Get Enough Sun

You don’t just have teeth in your mouth: You have around 32 fossils that tell a microscopic history of your health. And scientists have found that even the old, discarded, not-so-pearly whites of people that lived hundreds of years ago tell a story about them, too. According to a paper published Monday in The Journal of Archaeological


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