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Is it better to floss before or after brushing my teeth?

Great question. Alas, surprisingly few studies address it directly. Based on existing evidence, flossing first isn’t necessarily better for oral health than the other way around. Still, dentists have opinions on the matter. Dr. Edmond R. Hewlett, a spokesman for the American Dental Association and a professor of restorative dentistry at the University of California, Los Angeles, recommends

Chiseled body, rotten teeth: Energy drinks wreak havoc

Picture the typical endurance athlete: chiseled body, strong focus on good health, and well-versed in proper nutrition. And a mouth full of rotting teeth. Acids and sugars in the sports drinks, energy gels and other snacks routinely consumed by runners, cyclists and swimmers are wreaking havoc on the dental hygiene of athletes and non-athletes alike,

Liquorice helps in fight against tooth decay

It is mainly known for being a sickly sweet candy that rots teeth but liquorice could actually hold the key to conquering tooth decay, say scientists. New research suggests the legume has natural plant chemicals that kill mouth bacteria and prevent the build up of plaque. Laboratory experiments showed trans-chalone, a compound related to those

How Many Dental X-rays Are Too Many?

QUESTION: Every couple of times that I visit my dentist’s office, she asks me to submit to more dental X-rays. I seem to be getting an awful lot of them. I don’t want to increase my chances of getting cancer. How often should I be getting dental X-rays? ANSWER: You’re not the only patient who


Although pregnancy can bring a lot of joy to your life, it can also affect your teeth and gums. The increased hormones may actually make it more difficult for your body to fight plaque. If you develop gum disease while pregnant, you are more likely to deliver a premature baby, according to ABC News. Prostaglandin,

Deciduous teeth myths, and the effects of parents on childhood oral hygiene

It is popularly believed that because deciduous teeth will be replaced, they do not need care. Some researchers are looking to discover new methods to change these misunderstandings. Changing perceptions Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland and the University of Washington Northwest Center to Reduce Oral Health Disparities in Seattle researchers

The dangers of poor dental health

For many of us, our mouths are the most overlooked part of our body when it comes to wellbeing, yet dental hygiene can be vital to our overall health. Beyond regular brushing and occasional visits to the dentist, few of us take much notice of our dental health. Yet what takes place within our mouth

Tooth loss is more than a cosmetic problem

Health impact of lost teeth can include mental, physical decline in old age By Dr. Stephanie McGann, DMD FAGD, Columnist, The Times Tooth loss is more than just uncomfortable.   While reading a journal article I discovered a study from London that was published in an American geriatrics journal. Apparently in a study of adults over age

Early oral hygiene supports future healthy smiles

Nip issues in the bud! Primary teeth may be temporary, but they’re extremely important to a child’s development. They help a child chew food, learn to speak, and are a gateway to healthy adult teeth. That’s why it’s important every measure is taken to prevent dental problems in primary teeth, such as Baby Bottle Syndrome.

Playbrush dongle turns dental hygiene into a video game

Here’s a new Kickstarter campaign to get your teeth into: an add-on that transforms any toothbrush into a gaming controller. It’s called Playbrush, and it’s designed to encourage kids to brush their teeth regularly and properly. The startup behind it believe that by linking the twice-daily toothbrushing session with a fun activity – in this


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