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Why Proper Bite Alignment Is Important

For some folks, if their smile looks attractive and nothing hurts, they think their oral health is fine. (read more)

How Do Braces Work?

How do braces work to straighten teeth? (read more)

Other options for straightening teeth

Braces are the go-to method for most teeth straightening challenges. Why? Because they work.  (read more)

Dental Health With Crooked Teeth and Misaligned Bites

There are several reasons why some people’s teeth grow in crooked, overlapping, or twisted. (read more)

What is the difference between veneers and implants?

Implants replace teeth that have been damaged or lost because of trauma, gum disease and tooth decay. An implant replaces a lost tooth with an artificial tooth replacement. Dental implants are strong and durable. Veneers can also be used to cover damaged or injured teeth, fitting like a shell over your teeth to fill in

The Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath

Nobody wishes to live every day suffering from bad breath. Bad breath can cause embarrassment and persistent bad breath can lower someone’s self-confidence. (read more)

Cavities and Fillings 101

There are very few things that people do every single day. Into this small collection goes things like eating, sleeping and breathing. So it is amazing that, for nearly everyone in the U.S., tooth brushing falls into this category. (read more)

The Many Hidden Causes of Chapped Lips

There aren’t too many of us fortunate enough to escape some degree of chapped lips each winter. However, there are a surprising number of causes of chapping that have absolutely nothing to do with the cold weather and rather are the symptom of something else going on. (read more)

5 Natural Tooth Whitening Ideas

Quick: What’s the most requested cosmetic dental procedure in the U.S.? If you guessed teeth whitening, you’re correct. (read more)

Dental Problems and Diabetes

People with poorly controlled diabetes are more susceptible to dental problems. (read more)


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