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Tips for oral hygiene

A better, more confident you begins every morning and ends every evening if you stick with a consistent oral hygiene routine. This, in addition to regular dentist office visits, helps develop not only strong teeth and gums, but also overall good health. You’ll feel good, look great, avoid unnecessary bills, and experience an improvement in

This Is How Long Travel-Sized Toothpaste Will Last You

          Ever since the all-important question of how long travel-sized shampoo lasts was answered, I’ve been wondering about the life expectancy of other travel-size items. Like… how long should a travel-size toothpaste last? I always want to be sure I’m packing not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of everything,

A New York Designer Relishes the Universal Look of Toothpaste Tubes

                        Toothpaste is like Elvis. Or so says Tucker Viemeister, an industrial designer who has collected more than 200 tubes of toothpaste from his travels around the world and displays them on the bathroom walls in his Manhattan loft. When 66-year-old Mr. Viemeister began the


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