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10 Oral Hygiene Tips No One Ever Taught You That You Need To Know

No one loves a dry mouth or bad breath. And although brushing your teeth is something you’ve been doing for years now, there are still oral hygiene tips that no one ever taught you that could still benefit your overall health big time. You shouldn’t take a relaxed approach when it comes to dental care since many

It’s not just bad breath, oral hygiene is important to prevent dementia

Stress on oral hygiene has been part of civilizations across the world since centuries and it is not without reason. Oral health is not just about having good teeth and keeping away bad breath. Having a clean mouth is important to keep our entire body healthy, and the connection is big.  Saliha Nasline brings you some examples

Scientists Say: Bruxism

Gritting your teeth is an unconscious response to being angry or stressed. If you do it a lot, you might have bruxism.   Bruxism (noun, “BRUHKS-ism”) This is a condition in which someone unconsciously and excessively grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw. It’s often a response to stress. Between 22 and 31 percent of people

Oral Hygiene Overhaul: 5 Tips for a Cleaner Mouth

Appearances can be deceiving. Especially when it comes to oral hygiene. You know this if you’ve ever talked to someone with super bright teethand rancid breath. First you think: What a nice smile this person has! So you move closer to them (this is at a cocktail party, BTW), and engage in conversation. They open their


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