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Five Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Promote Dental Health

by Rachael Moshman  Do you have a little visitor from the North Pole staying at your house? As December goes on, many of us are looking for some fresh Elf on the Shelf ideas. Why not use your elf to promote good dental practices? Here are some ways to get Santa’s spy to encourage your kids

Fun Holiday Treats For Kids With Braces

by Jenny Green When the holiday season comes around, there’s no need for kids with braces to miss out on the traditional treats. Some candies can damage braces, but there are plenty of safe and tasty snacks to satisfy young taste buds without interfering with orthodontia. In fact, when preparing fun holiday treats with your child,

Oral Care During The Holidays: Sugar-Free Countdown To Christmas

by Sher Warkentin  Maintaining good oral care during the holidays can be tough with the bombardment of sugary sweets all season. Counting down to Christmas with an advent calendar is a fun activity for your kids, but if they are filled with chocolate and sweets, it won’t be so great for their teeth. Check out these


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