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Why are teeth white?

Have you ever been asked to “show those pearly whites” when you’re smiling for the camera? There’s nothing like the flash of white you see when somebody smiles at you! But what makes your teeth white? It turns out both the inside and the outside of your teeth play a part! Learn more! 

A lasting smile starts with great oral care habits (and a little fairy dust)

A fairy-tale smile starts early! Get your child started with good oral health habits: Beginning an oral health routine with your child at an early age is important for the life of his/her smile. From before the time your baby’s first teeth appear through the development of adult teeth, good habits are the foundation for

Making Oral Care Fun

Get The Most Out Of Your Oral Health Routine Dental health is vital for general health and appearance in childhood and all through life. Preventative dentistry is Fighting against oral problems doesn’t have to be boring; actually, it can be fun. This is an important lesson that all children should learn at an early age


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