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How to Protect Against Childhood Cavities

How we prevent cavities is completely changing. Evidence shows that cavity formation has less to do with genetics, candy habits or poor brushing, and more to do with the types of snack foods we give children. Counter-intuitively, dark chocolate is better for teeth than pretzels or crackers. Tooth decay in our country’s young children has

Kid-friendly smart watch tells them when to brush their teeth, so you don’t have to

Getting a small child to brush their teeth can feel like hosting a nightly WWE wrestling match in your bathroom. But the new icon-based Octopus watch for kids ages 3 to 8 aims to help with this and other daily habits. The Octopus watch’s Kickstarter campaign has raised more than $231,000 in pledges — more than four

Healthy Teeth Habits Dental Hygienists Swear By

“Go ahead and rinse.” You’re a captive audience in the dental chair, getting a mouthful of good advice as the suction tube gurgles and your teeth get a much-needed cleaning. “Swish and spit.” As the blood from your puffy gums oozes down the mini-sink bowl, the dental hygienist explains how to improve your brushing and flossing routine. By


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