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The Teeth-Whitening Mistake That Darkens Your Pearly Whites

If you’ve ever had your teeth professionally whitened, you’re probably familiar with the “no coffee, no berries, no red wine for 24 hours” edict. And as with all of those things you’re supposed to do (hit the gym for 30 minutes a day, drink only one glass of wine, floss daily) you really mean to

Everything You Need to Know About Cavities – And Why They’re Nothing to Fear

While your teeth are the hardest substance in your body, they’re not impervious to damage. Your mouth has up to 100 billion bacterial microbes in it every day. Most of them don’t affect your teeth. Some even protect them. But a small percentage of those bacteria combine with sugars to create acid. That acid breaks down the calcium, phosphate

Can Cavities Be Healed With Diet?

You don’t need to cut out grains, nuts, and beans in order to remineralize your teeth. That idea dates back to some research done in the 20s and 30s, long before the era of modern dentistry. This was before we knew exactly how cavities (or even teeth!) were formed. Back then, one hypothesis was that


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