DenturesAre you tired of dentures? Consider implants, which are hassle-free and more natural-looking. Advances in technology have made today’s dentures more natural looking and more secure than ever before. If you are missing teeth, you have several different options from which to choose.

There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. Dr. Nehl can help you determine what is right for you.

Full Dentures: Standard dentures are designed for patients who are missing all teeth. The top denture is held in place by suction and uses your underlying tissue for stability. While your denture is being fabricated, a temporary pre fabricated denture is inserted over your empty sockets. This temporary denture can help to reduce pain as well.

Overdentures are removable replacement teeth that are inserted over your natural teeth. The overdenture is commonly used for patients who have had a root canal. Your crowns may be cut off at gum line and a removable overdenture is placed over the remaining teeth.

Implant-retained dentures are permanent dentures are secured into your mouth with a titanium screw, drilled into the bone. The screw provides a way for a replacement tooth, such as a crown to be attached. It is also a way to better secure a denture. Read more about Dr. Matt Nehl’s expertise when it comes to implants.

Partial Dentures: If you are missing just a few teeth or if you have at least two teeth on either sides of the arch, you could be a candidate for a removable partial denture. This cost-effective method is used to bridge the gap created by your missing teeth. Removable partial dentures act as a spacer to keep your remaining teeth from shifting which can impact your bite and smile. Removable partial dentures come in various forms. You and Dr. Nehl will determine which is right for you, depending on the number of teeth you’re missing, how strong your partial denture needs to be, and what your aesthetic desires are.


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